Our Team

Our team of construction professionals offer a single source solutions for all of your civil construction related needs. Irrespective of whether its a new construction project, renovation of an existing facility or restoration of an outdated facility, we have the experience, capability, equipment and personnel to provide the highest quality construction solutions on schedule and within budget. We support our clients from project inception to the commissioning of the fully completed project.

Squire Mech project teams are headed by the Chairman/Managing Director Mr. I. K. A. Dayananda who is a well experienced Mechanical Engineer and an entrepreneur in the construction field. He closely monitors all projects and also looks after the engineering & construction aspects. A Project Director and four Construction Managers are directly responsible for execution of different projects undertaken by the company. All of them are Charted Civil Engineers with many years of experience behind them in construction field. The company has 25 Graduate Engineers. These engineers are posted to various project locations. There are 50 Technical Officers who are NDT, NCT, HNDE etc. qualified with ample experience to carry out work at different sites. In addition, there are many experienced Work Supervisors who are assisting the Engineers and Technical Officers to execute work. The company has a Quantity Surveying unit headed by a well experienced Senior Quantity Surveyor assisted by several other Quantity Surveyors who are BSc, NCT & NDT qualified and experienced.

The office staff consists of Manager, Human Resources Development, who is also managing administrative affairs and an Accountant, managing the financial affairs with a qualified and experienced team to assist him. Company’s Stores division is well equipped and is headed by the Chief Store Keeper who is well qualified and conversant in all aspects of store keeping. He is being assisted by several young store keepers. The company owns a fleet of machinery, equipment and transport vehicles. The Transport Officer manages deployment of these equipment to Construction Sites. A Mechanical Engineer and a Mechanical Foreman with a team of mechanics maintain all these equipment in good working order. The Purchasing Officer and the team handle purchasing of all material requirements of the company. Along with stores staff, they also ensure that all the materials are delivered to construction sites on time. Safety Officers have been appointed to implement and monitor the safety measures in the office and construction sites.